Returning Home

These services are for the people leaving Japan. There are numerous tasks that need to be completed before and after leaving Japan, and we will assist so that there are no concerns after departure.


To assist both Human Resources and the assignee with logistical concerns during a move from Japan.

General Preparation for Move
- Lease cancellation
- Discussion of moving schedule and moving companies
- Organize surveys by moving companies
- Give advice on shipment quotations
- Assist with lease furniture cancellation and pickup
- Assist with cancelling utilities/services, mail forwarding
- Give advice regarding immigration issues

Lease Break Inspection (up to 2 hours with Tokyo Orientations Consultant)
- When vacating a property, a lease break inspection is required to ascertain damages and the condition of the residence. Tokyo Orientations will attend the inspection to represent the Human Resources Department, along with the landlord, the realtor and the tenant.
- Tokyo Orientations will create an inspection report.

Deposit Refund Negotiation
Negotiate damage claims, and oversee return of the security deposit