Immigration Support Services

We assist in the process for submitting the applications for various types of immigration related matters. Our immigration lawyer will prepare the application forms and submit them to the immigration bureau.

Certificate of Eligibility Application(COE)
This document is the very first document you need to obtain your long term visa.
The documents required to obtain a COE vary from case to case but are generally: a photo, a resume, a copy of an employment contract or assignment letter, marriage and birth certificates for spouse and children, a corporate profile from your sponsoring company in Japan, etc.
It usually takes approximately 2-6 weeks to obtain a COE after all the required documents have been submitted.
The time required for the application depends on the status you are applying for, the size of the company you are working for, among other things.
Once we obtain the COE we will forward it to you for you to take it to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your home country (or country of residence) along with your passport.
There the assignee will fill out a simple visa application form and submit it with their passport and the COE to have their visa stamped in.
This normally takes 2-5 working days.
Change of Status Application
When one applies for a work visa, one will be required to apply for the category suiting their job title/specification or/and residential status in Japan.
Examples of different categories would be Highly Skilled Professional, Engineer, Specialist as Humanities/International Services Business Manager, Intra Company Transferee, Student, Dependent, Designated Activities, etc.
One needs to apply for status change if their status changes.
Re-Entry Permit Application
Since July 9th 2012, one is no longer required to apply for a re-entry permit if one holds a valid Passport and Residence Card and will return in Japan within 1 year from their departure date.
In case one plans to leave for more than 1 year, one will need to apply for a re-entry permit at the immigration bureau in order to maintain their long term visa and resident registration status upon their return.
Visa Extension
Each visa has a term during which you are permitted to stay in Japan, and before the expiry date, you will be required to extend your stay if you plan to continue to stay in Japan.
One is able to start this process 3 months in advance of the expiry date.
Visa Application for New Born Child
It is very important that child birth must be reported to the local government office of where your residence is located, within 14 days.
Also, an application to obtain a Japanese visa would be required within 30 days.
The baby will not be eligible to obtain Japanese nationality by birth.